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In today's cluttered digital landscape, many are tempted to choose 'build-your-own-website' options with various low-budget service providers in an attempt to save money . . .  Sadly, all too often the end result looks like you hired your cousin to build your website in his garage.  In other words, you can't hide a lack of design experience  . . .  and with digital design, what you pay (or don't pay for) shows.

Electric Retina Production's online web design services ensure every client gets precisely what they want, every time.  In fact, our website design process starts with YOU.  Whether you imagine your ideas are fairly simple to implement, or require solving complex problems, we deliver results.

Our design process provides for a wide array of solutions to be achieved for clients , whether they want us to utilize a specific commercial off-the-shelf software code, or a ground-up custom-created web development and web design.  Our skilled web development staff has the technical expertise to work with both open source technologies, such as PHP and mySQL, Microsoft Technologies, such as ASP, .Net, and MS SQL Server, and more.

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Our Services

We have over 20 years of experience in Website Design

Electric Retina Productions produces website design solutions for clients in San Jose and Vancouver which outperform the rest!

Content Strategy

Having an awesome content master plan is essential to creating an awesome website.

Brand Awareness

We examine how to maximize, improve and strengthen your branding online.

Video Marketing

Got video? We'll help you explore how this can place your site at the top for viewers.

Paid Search Ads

A great website deserves to be seen! Our proven advertising strategy delivers.

Search Audits

Our knowledge and use of search ranking data helps you outperform competitors.

Social Management

Our approach utilizes your website content and themes to strengthen your Social Media footprint.

About This Service

What Makes Us Truly Different?

Our web design services allow YOU to take advantage of our proven Step-by-Step procedure for developing truly winning websites.  Because we have been in business since 2001, we are well versed with the System Development Life Cycle.  We have expertise using many different types of technologies including WordPress for basic site platforms, and Webflow for advanced platforms that know no limits.

Regardless of what platform we design and create from, Electric Retina Productions builds all our websites according to the latest web development industry standards.  Our track record is above par.  Just review what some of our clients have experienced.

Bottom line, we create websites our clients love, and our integration of design services and follow-on SEO and digital marketing solutions for growing your brand online, are seamless.

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Step 1

Discovery & Research

We begin each project with a discovery phase.  Our team interviews you to learn about your business needs and goals. We conduct research to analyze your target audience and competitors in your field.  The conclusion of this step is an understanding of your company's position, trends in your industry, and your expected outcome from our project together.

Step 2

Website Planning

This is the part where we decide on design concepts, features, and marketing strategies that will be needed to achieve the goals we have set forth.  To complete the planning phase, we have a full team involved: an information architect, a usability expert, an interface designer, marketing strategist, and a website developer.  Wireframes are created, to lay-outinterface elements. A sitemap and features specification are written. We crafta marketing strategy. At the conclusion of the planning phase, you will receivea comprehensive blueprint detailing how your project will be executed.

Step 3

Web Design Services

Our team of designers create a unique user interface.  Each step of the user interaction is taken into consideration, ensuring that every screen is working to accomplish the goals we have set during planning.  The design phase concludes with a collection of mockups in Photoshop (or other as requested) corresponding to various elements of your project.

Step 4

Web Development

During this phase, design mockups are turned into a fully functional entity.  Our team uses standards-compliant code and the latest programming techniques to ensure your project is built reliably and securely.  Development concludes with the thorough Quality Assurance testing of your project and its launch.

Step 5

Website Traffic Growth

This is where we take your project to the next level.  We monitor, analyze and report on your web property's performance, finding ways to increase exposure to your target audience and better achieve your goals.  Our online marketing team goes into action using all the techniques at our disposal, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization and more!

Our Process

Advanced Know-how

Security – In this day and age we make sure your site encrypts any information entered online whether it’s a contact form, online store, forum login, or any other form of digital information transfer.

Speed – We optimize our websites to load quickly on any device.  Scaling, and information layouts change, so no matter what device a customer views your site on, we ensure they are seeing the most important information first and fast.

Usability – Your website has to be easy to navigate, friendly to use, and present customers with the information they are looking for.  In the online space, usability mapping uses “breadcrumbs” to guide a customers’ journey through your data. We’ll optimize your site so everything your customer needs is within reach and highly visible.

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Case Study

How our new Website Design helped grow online inquiries by 75%

The client needed a new website design that allowed them to better showcase their services, tell their story, and increase pull-through for online user inquiries.  We achieved this for them by creating a fresh website from the ground-up, and connecting their new site to winning SEO and digital marketing.

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