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Take a look at what some of our clients say about us

The highest and surest mark of a successful company, is a roster of long-term clients . . .   and we have them in spades.

Built With Freedom

Electric Retina Client for 6 Years

“ER Productions has don excellent work consistently for us over the years. We can't recommend them highly enough. The work his comnpany provides is first class.”

Tesoras Wine Bar

Electric Retina Client for 9 Years

“Eric Rynne, the owner of ER Productions has been there since the beginning with our company. He always goes above and beyond what we could ask.”

Wafer Process Systems

Electric Retina Client for 9 Years

“We have along history with ER Productions. They have done so much for us over the last decade, and we are grateful for every minute of the work they have provided!”

Case Studies by sector

Our work and results
speak for themselves

In the nearly two decades that Electric Retina Productions has been serving clients, we have had the opportunity to work with countless companies from all nearly all segments of life. The following case study sector examples provide a good sample of our work.


How our web design and digital marketing solutions helped San Jose Restaurant expand from one to 13+ locations

A brand new restaurant concept wanted to offer their brand as a franchise. We produced their launch web design and support digital marketing solutions including merchant account processing.

Franchise Growth
Increase in Revenue

How we helped a Bay Area Plumber get premium search engine ranking with new web design and digital marketing SEO

We were approached by a plumber who needed a new web design and wanted search engine optimization (SEO) digital marketing to ensure they were found online to generate more leads.

Increase in Online Clicks
More Revenue Per Client

How new web design and digital marketing SEO helped a high tech manufacturer improve rank and volume online

The client needed a new web design and SEO digital marketing to dramatically improve their online reach. We achieved both for them and helped move them to page one in search engine rankings.

Increase in Organic SEO Traffic
More Visitors Per Month

How we increased a Lender's traffic and reduced their dependence on third-party brokers with a web design and digital marketing update

The company used to rely almost exclusively on third-party brokers for business. Now the bulk of their clients come from direct site inquires (new web design!) via organic search engine clicks (digital marketing / SEO)!

Increase in User Inquiries
Additional Direct Client Revenue