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Established in 2001,we began providing Nitrile Gloves and other disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to clients and friends across the nation in the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. We've since dedicated a sizable portion of our company resources to PPE because we care about making the world a safer place for EVERYONE.

Our  PPE services

Three Trade Desks.
Wholesale Nitrile Gloves

With a 20-year track record of success and hundreds of happy clients, we tapped our network of trusted relationships to give you  direct  trade  desk  access for dedicated supply, factory allocation value and professional transaction efficiency. Now purchasing industry-leading PPE and top Nitrile Glove brands is as reliable as it is simple.

OREGON Trade Desk

Founded  in  1994, our Oregon trade desk is owned by a friend of our company. Successfully providing medical and PPE supplies for over 25 years, the Oregon Trade Desk has successfully delivered millions of masks and countless boxes of gloves of all varieties in small lots as low as 100,000 boxes.

In addition to Nitrile Gloves and N95 Masks, the Oregon Trade Desk specializes in providing wholesale access to nearly any type of medical supply you or your client may need.  Learn more

Small lot orders of Nitrile Gloves (from 10,000 to 100,000 Boxes (100-count) OEM brands.
Leading name brand N95 Masks (from 100,000 to 10 Million units per order) at below market pricing.
Specialized quotes for Sanitizer, Syringes, Needles, Gowns , and so much more!

NEW YORK Trade Desk(s)

New York SOUTH is managed by a leading U.S. Export Company (shipping 10's of Thousands of Containers to the Pan-Asian rim since  2010), and specializes in supplying Nitrile Glove orders in Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of individual 1M Box orders.

New York NORTH is managed by a private Manhattan Family Office, and specializes in Nitrile Glove orders of MOQ 1M Boxes/Mo. on annual contract (or 10M Boxes purchased  in any time frame of a year or less).
Learn more

One-time Nitrile Glove Orders of 1M Boxes FLOW IN via Air Freight for On The Ground (OTG) Inspect & Pay.
Individual orders of Nitrile Gloves of 1M Boxes (or more), at low FOB and CIF prices .
Monthly contracts for 1M Boxes (or more) at FOB, CIF, and low fully-financed DDP prices.

LONDON Trade Desk

With over 60 years across the commodity and financing sectors, the London trade desk is run by experienced commodities traders who specialize in large Nitrile Glove transactions in excess of 10M Boxes.

Serving as the exclusive trading platform for one of the larger medical supply companies in the UK, the London Trade Desk provides bulk sales of large lot Nitrile Gloves directly from the title holder of the UK health services company, and via direct factory operative relationships. Learn more

Opportunity to deal directly with the title holder on large purchase lots of Nitrile Gloves.
Nitrile Glove Orders of 5M+ Boxes for one time purchase or repeat shipment on a weekly or monthly contract.
Gloves purchases available at FOB, CIF, and fully-financed DDP prices.
About  Us

We are professionals in the wholesale Nitrile Glove and N95 Mask market.

Our reliable team of employees has been successfully servicing  MILLION+  piece  unit  sales  for both Nitrile Gloves and Masks since Q3 of 2020. We know the brands, the specs, the terms, the options, the challenges, and all the essential steps and processes to ensure your order is predictably processed and satisfactorily closed on budget and on schedule.

About Us
Our  ppe Process

We have a simple process...
And it simply works.

We have created a clear and engaging system of best-in-class HR & digital assets which empower a simple series of repeatable steps for reliable results and predictable success. Bottom line, we help great people and real  buyers  win(!)  amidst a sea of PPE market clutter, uncertainty, and noise.

1. Consultation

Every PPE order inquiry with our agency begins by providing you our PPE Price Matrix via email. Following your review of this, we schedule a 30 to 60 minute consultation to ensure we have a complete understanding of your vision, goals ,and objecand how we can help you achieve your success. Following our call, we will email you our Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvent Agreement (NCNDA). Once the NCNDA is signed, we work together to define an outline of your order objectives.

2. Letter of Intent (LOI)

After reviewing our PPE Price Matrix (updated and published weekly), and answering your (and/or your Buyer's) follow-up questions, we provide our template for a simple non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) and an expected Purchase Order (PO). Each LOI specifies the brand of Nitrile Gloves (or Masks, etc.) to be purchased, a clear table of all transaction Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) associated with the order, related options, key terms, and a detailed schedule for each step towards the final closing.

3. Trade Desk Call

Upon receipt of your executed LOI and PO, we provide you a detailed Backgrounder Package on our Trade Desk(s), including information on the principals and industry trade references. Next, we schedule a Trade Desk call to review placing your order. Our Trade Desk will answer all remaining questions you (and/or your Buyer) have, and confirm our mutual understanding of the expected SOP. Following the call, we provide you our Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) for execution to complete your order.

Case  Studies

The results speak for themselves

Get Your Own Results
U.S. State Government Agency

How our PPE solutions helped a U.S. State Government Agency fulfill a timely need for 1.5+ Million Brand-name (Model 1860) N95 Masks

A United States State Government entity needed 1.6 Million N95 Masks, and they wanted a very specific brand. The small PPE Business Supplier who had won the bid to provide the masks needed a complete supply financing solution to buy and subsequently deliver the goods. We worked with the Buyer to help them qualify for approximately $3 Million in Purchase Order Trade Finance to help them grow their business.

1.6 Million
3M® (1860) N95 Masks
Under $2.75/Mask
Below Market Price
U.S. Military & Law Enforcement Supply

How we helped procure a below market price on 1+ Million Boxes of Superieur® Nitrile Gloves for a Military & Law Enforcement Supplier

We were approached by a PPE Buyer's agent team who needed a reliable low cost supply solution for the precise brand of Nitrile Gloves needed to fulfill the first 1M+ Boxes of a potential 10M+ Box order. The Buyer chose to use a Letter of Credit (LC), and selected an FOB price at the port of origin. Everyone on our team at the New York Trade Desk performed admirably to meet the Buyer's request and provide a price below budget!

1.1 Million
Superieur® Nitrile Gloves
Under $9.50/box
Below Original Quote!

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As a trusted digital service agency in San Jose, CA, providing digital, marketing and support services reliably and with excellence since the turn of the century, our reputation for getting things done right is set in stone.  In fact our business solutions for Silicon Valley (and beyond!) have been so effective, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade!  We  look forward  to  adding  YOU to our growing list of raving fans. Take a look at a sample of the kinds of things our long-term customers have to say about us:

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Eric Larosa
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Wendy Towner
Owner and Queen Beekeeper

“Electric Retina Productions is a joy to work with. The amount of value we get with their services has been life changing for our company online.”

Robert Kerr
Founder and Managing Partner
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Stay current on the most important PPE Nitrile Glove and digital marketing trends

As thought  leaders   in the design, digital marketing and SEO solutions arena, we have recently begun mixing in essential reporting on PPE and Nitrile Gloves in response to the global health crises we are all working so hard to help solve.

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The market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sales is big - and growing... but just how big is the Nitrile Gloves segment, really?

For anyone who's scratched below the surface of the intense marketplace for large volume Nitrile Glove orders, it would seem the demand for (very) large orders of Nitrile Gloves knows no limit... but the fact of the matter is, the market is finite.

February 2021

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