September 2020

How we increased a Lender's traffic and reduced their dependence on third-party brokers with a web design and digital marketing update

From relying on direct referrals, to growing with online traffic!


Web Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Google, Microsoft, Apple (and the rest!)

Result 1

Increase in User Inquiries

Result 2

Additional Direct Client Revenue

Project Overview

The company used to rely almost exclusively on third-party brokers for business. Now the bulk of their clients come from direct site inquires (new web design!) via organic search engine clicks (digital marketing / SEO)!


The client was doing well with referrals from paid brokers. The lack of consistency in the quality of the referrals, and the volume of leads, left them feeling like they were ready for more control over their new business pipeline. We completed a full website audit and analyzed the keywords in relation to the top ranking competitors in the market. By strategically redesigning their digital foot print, including a rewrite of important components of their site to ensure their value was presented more clearly, we succeeded in dramatically increasing their site traffic. In addition to SEO work we did, we also began doing regular work to help them create marketing materials for emailing and reaching out to their database of leads.


The client began growing steadily within the first quarter of our work, and has been growing ever since!


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We have an amazing roster of very happy clients, and we look forward to adding you to our our growing list of raving fans.

“ER Productions is the best. The owner Eric Rynne is a really big deal in digital design, I mean REALLY big deal. In fact, he is LEGEND where I come from - all of my employees can tell you so!”

Eric Larosa
Founder and Co-Owner

“Electric Retina Productions is a joy to work with. The amount of value we get with their services has been life changing for our company online. We are extremely happy we hired them and plan to retain them for years to come.”

Robert Kerr
Founder and Managing Partner

“ER Productions delivered a honey of a solution for us. From start to finish, everything they provided, from our website to SEO was spot on. I highly recommend them!”

Wendy Towner
Owner and Queen Beekeeper

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