U.S. Military & Law Enforcement Supply
February 2021

How we helped procure a below market price on 1+ Million Boxes of Superieur® Nitrile Gloves for a Military & Law Enforcement Supplier

We were approached by a PPE Buyer's agent team who needed a reliable low cost supply solution for the precise brand of Nitrile Gloves needed to fulfill the first 1M+ Boxes of a potential 10M+ Box order. The Buyer chose to use a Letter of Credit (LC), and selected an FOB price at the port of origin. Everyone on our team at the New York Trade Desk performed admirably to meet the Buyer's request and provide a price below budget!

Nitrile Glove Services

1+ Million Boxes of Superieur® Nitrile Gloves


100-Count Box; 2.5+ Mil, FDA 510K Certified

Boxes for Purchase

1.1 Million
Superieur® Nitrile Gloves


Under $9.50/box
Below Original Quote!

Project Overview

We were approached by a Buyer's agent team in December of 2020. Their Buyer had a government contract to provide potentially well over 10M Boxes of gloves to the U.S. Government Veteran's Affairs (VA) Administration. The challenge was, they needed to provide the first 1.1 Million Boxes at the right price point, and prove they could deliver on a smaller order, to have a chance to fulfill the larger ongoing annual contract.


After the initial meet & greet consultation, we exchanged our ERP Price Matrix, and quickly zeroed in on the precise brand the Buyer wanted. We then walked quickly through the steps (NCNDA, Trade Desk Call, and then onto the SPA) to help the Buyer gain confidence quickly in our Trade Desk's ability to execute.


After the Buyer's remaining questions were answered, an order-specific SPA was executed and the Buyer established a Letter of Credit for payment. Because the Buyer selected a "Freight On Board (FOB)" purchase price, the process was simple and straightforward: An SGS inspection was ordered for product analysis and testing, containers were arranged for shipping, and the final paperwork went into processing for the Buyer to review for sign off on the transaction.


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