January 2020

How our web design and digital marketing solutions helped San Jose Restaurant expand from one to 13+ locations

From ONE restaurant location, to over TWENTY and counting!


Web Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Google, Microsoft, Apple (and all the rest!)

Result 1

Franchise Growth

Result 2

Increase in Revenue

Project Overview

A brand new restaurant concept wanted to offer their brand as a franchise. We produced their launch web design and support digital marketing solutions including merchant account processing.


The client ran a successful restaurant, and had made the decision to begin offering their brand as a franchise. We completed a full website design for franchise launch and expansion, including the incorporation of necessary keywords to ensure they were set on the right path for SEO success. By strategically laying the groundwork for their digital foot print, including assistance with their core written content, we ensured important components of their site and their franchise value was presented clearly.


From the moment the client engaged us, our work helped them grow and expand - and they're still expanding locations faster and faster today!


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We have an amazing roster of very happy clients, and we look forward to adding you to our our growing list of raving fans.

“ER Productions is the best. The owner Eric Rynne is a really big deal in digital design, I mean REALLY big deal. In fact, he is LEGEND where I come from - all of my employees can tell you so!”

Eric Larosa
Founder and Co-Owner

“Electric Retina Productions is a joy to work with. The amount of value we get with their services has been life changing for our company online. We are extremely happy we hired them and plan to retain them for years to come.”

Robert Kerr
Founder and Managing Partner

“ER Productions delivered a honey of a solution for us. From start to finish, everything they provided, from our website to SEO was spot on. I highly recommend them!”

Wendy Towner
Owner and Queen Beekeeper

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