U.S. State Government Agency
December 2020

How our PPE solutions helped a U.S. State Government Agency fulfill a timely need for 1.5+ Million Brand-name (Model 1860) N95 Masks

A United States State Government entity needed 1.6 Million N95 Masks, and they wanted a very specific brand. The small PPE Business Supplier who had won the bid to provide the masks needed a complete supply financing solution to buy and subsequently deliver the goods. We worked with the Buyer to help them qualify for approximately $3 Million in Purchase Order Trade Finance to help them grow their business.

N95 Masks

20-Count Boxes of 3M® Model 1860, N95 Masks


Premium-quality N95 respirators (facemasks), NIOSH certified, able to filter at least 95% airborne particles that are non-oil based.

Masks Delivered

1.6 Million
3M® (1860) N95 Masks


Under $2.75/Mask
Below Market Price

Project Overview

We got a call from Buyer with a challenge: he had successfully been awarded a fulfillment contract with a regional U.S. State Government entity to provide over a million N95 masks. The problem: He had never purchased so many units at one time. Although he had a history of providing PPE for over a year, his prior transactions had all been much smaller. This was the first time the opportunity was literally bigger than his bank account could manage.


Through a series of conversations, we were able to provide the Buyer the needed consultation, including assembly of all needed supplier certification and documentation to help them gather and submit the necessary paperwork to apply for, and be approved for a PPE transaction credit line.


After the Buyer executed the necessary application paperwork, and submitted all the required documents, we remained available for support and questions as they worked their way through the underwriting process. After a tremendous amount of hard work on all sides, the Buyer was successfully approved for their sought after financing. In an ironic twist of events, the State Agency chose not to sign for the financing option via the Buyer to receive the goods as originally planned, instead deciding to pay for the masks outright with the Supplier. The masks were delivered exactly as needed, and as they say, "All's well that ends well!"


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