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, we SEE the difference between clients who use 'do-it-yourself' website-builders (and second-rate SEO services), vs. clients who pay to do it RIGHT.  You can't hide bad work, your customer will always see it."
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Providing elite websites, SEO, digital marketing and more(!) since 2001 for San Jose, CA, and now Vancouver, WA too.

Isaac Voss, Lead Designer and Architect for Electric Retina Productions Hero
Electric Retina Productions Award for Top SEO in 2022
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Making great things for Silicon Valley and beyond

We empower industry-leading brands and cutting-edge online startups with elevated  web  design and stand-out digital  marketing resources including SEO, videos, social media, branding, AR and more for higher traffic, increased engagement and maximum conversion.

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We are certified web design professionals and SEO / digital marketing experts

Our creative team of designers,  developers  and   strategists  has been building and deploying genre-defining web design, AR, video, SEO, branding and digital marketing content for TWO DECADES.

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Experience online success by doing things RIGHT

We create visually-engaging online assets, including elite web design and best-in-class digital marketing solutions (including SEO, branding, videos, social media content and AR) that help great brands stand  out  (and  win!)  amidst a sea of internet clutter and noise.

1. Consultation

Every digital engagement with our agency - from web design to digital marketing begins with a thorough exploration process to ensure we have a complete and total understanding of your vision, goals ,and objectives, and how to achieve success.

2. Development

Once we are both clear on the target, we go to work on creating and refining the web design, digital marketing content , and support systems and tools needed to ensure that together we wow your clients and knock the socks off your audience.

3. Growth & Scale

Our web design, digital marketing and enhanced support solutions don't end at delivery.  After all, what good is a marketing product or service if it doesn't help you grow?  We follow through consistently and passionately to support your growth.

Case  Studies

The results speak for themselves

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Successful Client of Electric Retina Productions - San Jose Restaurant

How our web design and digital marketing solutions helped San Jose Restaurant expand from one to 13+ locations

From ONE restaurant location, to over TWENTY and counting!

Franchise Growth
Increase in Revenue
Successful Client of Electric Retina Productions - San Jose Restaurant

How we helped a Bay Area Plumber get premium search engine ranking with new web design and digital marketing SEO

From NO online traffic, to LOTS of online traffic!

Increase in Online Clicks
More Revenue Per Client

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

After nearly 20 years as a professional web design agency in San Jose, we have an amazing roster of very happy clients.  In fact our digital marketing solutions for Silicon Valley (and beyond!) have been so effective, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade!  We  look forward  to  adding  YOU to our growing list of raving fans.

“During our time together, the ER Productions team has taken us to the next level in our business, helping us expand globally.  Eric Rynne, the owner of ER Productions, has dedicated the extra time to understand our web design needs in an online SEO world.  Rynne has given us an incredible amount of knowledge on the front and back-end of web design and the business of digital marketing.  Rynne has submersed himself into our business to make sure he has a grasp on every aspect of it.  The number of hours and amount of personal attention he has given to us, is remarkable.  ER Productions elite web design, digital marketing and SEO has taken our business sales from 10% online to over a third of our volume in the span of only one year.  This was achieved because of a robust online functionality that was implemented by him and his team.  Our franchise relies on several revenue streams with online ordering being an essential part of this.  We foresee LeanFeast & ER Productions working together for many more years to come.”

Eric Larosa

Founder and Co-Owner

“ER Productions delivered a honey of a solution for us. From start to finish, everything they provided, from our website to SEO was spot on. I highly recommend them!”

Wendy Towner
Owner and Queen Beekeeper
owner of eqcho capital

“ER Productions is a joy to work with. The amount of value we get with their services has been life changing for our company online.”

Robert Kerr
Founder and Managing Partner
Articles  &  News

Stay current on the most important web design and digital marketing trends

As thought  leaders   in the web design, digital marketing and SEO strategy and solutions arena, we regularly report on the subjects you absolutely MUST know about online.

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SEO Blog Photo for March 2022

A Local SEO Strategy is a Must-have for Small Businesses to survive and thrive in 2022 . . . and yet, so few understand this

A great SEO strategy is a must-have for any organization who wants to stand out in Google search. But for brick-and-mortar companies that rely on local customers to survive and grow, it's local SEO that makes all the difference.

March 2022

SEO Blog Photo for March 2022

5 Must-use Social Media Apps and HOW they should each be integrated with Web Design and Digital Marketing

Most people have 2 - 3 Social Media accounts. But what if you could manage FIVE in less time and significantly increase your online success in the process? Learn how to integrate these must-have social media with your Web Design and Digital Marketing plan.

December 2021

SEO Blog Photo for March 2022

Why an up-to-date Twitter account is an essential part of a great Digital Marketing SEO strategy

As one of the largest online platforms for online speech in the world, Twitter is a Digital Marketing ingredient not to be overlooked in support of your Web Design SEO success. Once you understand how simple it is to utilize effectively, you'll never look back.

June 2022

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